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Fastest or Most Beautiful Route: Reflection

This article was very interesting to me. It discusses taking the fastest vs the most beautiful route to your destination, and what people would prefer. Also what people consider a beautiful route. They talk about an app that would give you the route to your destination, either the fastest or the most beautiful one. Since the app we now use usually only give us the fastest route. I did keep thinking that this didn’t matter because everyone has their own sense to what would be beautiful. But they id a survey that had two different pictures asking people which they considered more beautiful.

I’m not sure what I would chose because it depends on the situation. If I’m late or a bit early to class I’ll still go unless I’m an hour early, then I’ll take my time and maybe take a more scenic route. What I could say is a beautiful route is any calm areas where there aren’t many crowds, or in some cases an area can look very beautiful but also be very crowded. Walking through a park, any well known spots, or anywhere that there’s just a lot of nature is very calm and appealing to me.

English Class Summary: 10/1

Today in class we started off by going back to what we did on Monday which was writing about what we saw in Saul Steinberg’s drawing of “The World as Seen From 9th Avenue”. With that we made interpretations based on what we see. One interpretation we made was that Steinberg is basically calling other states and cities boring places compared to New York. Especially New Jersey!

After we did the interpretations we went over project #2 again. Then we made an outline for project #2 for our drafts There were three different ways that we can all use as a guide for our project. The post is on this website. Each of them can result as several paragraphs. The different types of formats that we discussed were body, block format, and point by point. After that the class discussed the different places that everyone chose for their location for the project.

City Limits Reflection

In the reading of Colson Whitehead’s “City Limits” we learn a lot about our own view of New York. We’re all New Yorkers when we see a building or area of New York and we can remember what has been there before. Everyone has their New York. In the second paragraph he talks about that and how everyone starts to build their own New York once they make memories from what they see or remember. He also goes on about telling us not to believe what we hear or read on TV, newspapers, etc that’s about New York’s history. He says it doesn’t matter in what our New York is. While reading this you might even feel really nostalgic over some of the things that it makes you think. We may have seen a store change to several different things over the years. He also explains that we never really get to say goodbye to those places that we go to because we never know when it’s the last time we will be there.

Towards the last few paragraphs he talks more about as being a New Yorker, we can remember the past and see changes. But he also explains that no matter what New York will constantly be changing, with or without us. We can eventually see an entirely new city compared to what’s been there in the past. However, that will always be our New York.