Fastest or Most Beautiful Route: Reflection

This article was very interesting to me. It discusses taking the fastest vs the most beautiful route to your destination, and what people would prefer. Also what people consider a beautiful route. They talk about an app that would give you the route to your destination, either the fastest or the most beautiful one. Since the app we now use usually only give us the fastest route. I did keep thinking that this didn’t matter because everyone has their own sense to what would be beautiful. But they id a survey that had two different pictures asking people which they considered more beautiful.

I’m not sure what I would chose because it depends on the situation. If I’m late or a bit early to class I’ll still go unless I’m an hour early, then I’ll take my time and maybe take a more scenic route. What I could say is a beautiful route is any calm areas where there aren’t many crowds, or in some cases an area can look very beautiful but also be very crowded. Walking through a park, any well known spots, or anywhere that there’s just a lot of nature is very calm and appealing to me.

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