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Project #2: Location

My location was about a 15 minute walk from city tech. Once you exit from the main building on Jay Street take a left, then I walked along Adam Street and crossed around the food store Shake Shack and walked into Cadman Plaza Park. I eventually ended up at Court street, although I did make a circle and took the longer way there. On Court street is where I saw a juxtaposition of two New Yorks. On one side there was the NY Supreme Court area and if you walk further down there’s several stores which kind of reminds me of walking in Manhattan. I can also see how the area down the block with all of the stores could have been many different New York’s for some people. Those stores must have changed a lot of times.

Sketch of the walk path
Sketch of the walk path

IMG_1157 IMG_1159 IMG_4717

City Limits Reflection

In the reading of Colson Whitehead’s “City Limits” we learn a lot about our own view of New York. We’re all New Yorkers when we see a building or area of New York and we can remember what has been there before. Everyone has their New York. In the second paragraph he talks about that and how everyone starts to build their own New York once they make memories from what they see or remember. He also goes on about telling us not to believe what we hear or read on TV, newspapers, etc that’s about New York’s history. He says it doesn’t matter in what our New York is. While reading this you might even feel really nostalgic over some of the things that it makes you think. We may have seen a store change to several different things over the years. He also explains that we never really get to say goodbye to those places that we go to because we never know when it’s the last time we will be there.

Towards the last few paragraphs he talks more about as being a New Yorker, we can remember the past and see changes. But he also explains that no matter what New York will constantly be changing, with or without us. We can eventually see an entirely new city compared to what’s been there in the past. However, that will always be our New York.

Aural Topographies: Research

First I chose a song that has variety. Within the song the sound goes from calm to more upbeat a lot. It’s back and fourth, so it was a good song to choose for a variety. The song starts off with calm strums of the guitar for the first few seconds. It then goes into a repetitive beat also with the strums of the guitar but more upbeat. It gets more and more upbeat and then breaks down into a calm stage again. For the main chorus of the song there’s a much different sound than of just the guitar so it changes a lot. It then goes into a very calm beat for the middle of the song and quickly picks up into a completely different upbeat pattern, then quickly into the beat for the main chorus.¬†At the end of the song it’s the main upbeat sound and then it quickly ends on a very light note. This song as I sad goes back and fourth from calm and sad to upbeat and happy which is why it was a good choice for a variety song.

For the monotone song I chose a sad song that uses the piano. The beginning of the song is pretty much keys of around the same pitch quickly being played. The beat then goes into a slower beat. Throughout the entire song the beat is pretty much in the same slow beat. I hear a repetitive pattern ¬†throughout the song. ¬†There isn’t really any space in between the beat/the keys throughout the song which is why all of the lines are so close together. There isn’t much of a separation in the sound.¬†The beat continuously gets slower towards the end of the song. That’s why in my picture you can see that there are less curves as it goes from left to right.

The song I used for the variety sketch is here: http://youtu.be/otSSixltNZ4

The song for the monotony sketch: http://youtu.be/Mk7-GRWq7wA

Variety Sketch

Monotony Sketch



Project #1: Introducing Yourself

Hello! My name is Priya Maharban and I am 18 years old. I am a freshman at City Tech. My current major is Communication Design because I would like to pursue a career in graphic design. However, that’s not my only interest. I also have an interest in video production. I love to shoot, edit, and produce videos all on my own! I like to make comedy videos such as mini skits. It’s been a hobby of mine since I was 11 years old! I’m also a video game lover. I’m mostly a fan of Nintendo games. Pokemon is my favorite video game franchise. The only other time I play a non Nintendo game is probably when I’m playing PC games on Steam. My favorite video game genres are pretty much RPG and adventure! My favorite video game for years has been Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I know it’s a little weird that Sonic isn’t fully Nintendo and not Pokemon at all. I guess that just describes a little of my quirkiness! I’ve been playing video games ever since I was a child. They’ve began to inspire me as I grew up and helped me with what I would like to do in the future. A lot of my drawings are usually inspired by games.


My avatar is a picture of a Pokemon. It is my favorite Pokemon which is called “Ampharos”. It is also a fan made drawing that I found on Deviant Art. I love to see other peoples drawings, it inspires me to see those too. Especially if they have to do video video game characters or cartoon characters. The avatar also does give off a cute feeling to it because of the way the artist drew it. It really shows my love for art. Most people would probably see my icon as an anime of video game character, which is the sense that I am going for.


I can see my avatar being misinterpreted in many ways. For a start, there might be someone who’s completely¬†lost as to what my avatar even is. They might not recognize it as a video game character at all. They might not even get a sense of it being something about video games, anime, or even cartoons. Someone could think it’s just a random picture that I found on the internet and know nothing about. I guess there could me a misconception if they only get the thought that I like anime or cartoons from it, since it is beyond that. The background of my avatar is pretty dark and nothing to bright or happy. The person could get the completely wrong idea about my personality by looking at the colors in the background. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the meaning of why I chose the avatar though. I just like the way the artist chose to design it, that’s why I still chose it as my avatar.


The purpose of my avatar is to hopefully show the viewer that I am a Pokemon fan. I know that not everyone would guess that. As long as someone can get a sense of video games, anime, or cartoons then that’s good enough comparing to who I am. For people who do recognize ¬†the character in my avatar I hope that they would probably think that I’m a video game and Pokemon lover. Video games and Pokemon inspire me to draw different characters, which is why it’s an important avatar for me and for others to see. I also hope that the viewer would notice that it is a fan made drawing. It shows that I like other peoples drawings and I myself am an artist. In the future my e-portfolio could convey some of my drawings which are inspired most likely by me playing video games. It’s pretty much a circle of me playing or seeing a game, getting an idea about a drawing, and then drawing out that idea!

View From My Window: Assessment

After completing the first project for ADV1100 I’m more excited for future projects. This first project was very interesting. The hardest part was honestly making the outlines for the boxes for both the inked thumbnails and the cut outs. Next to that would be cutting with the x acto knife. If I could go back I would probably use scissors more than I did the x acto knife just to make my work a little neater. Seeing the process of the entire project was really interesting to me. To see how not only my work, but how the entire class went from sketches to eliminating those into 6 inked thumbnails. Then eliminating 2 of the inked thumbnails into 4 big paper cut outs. Seeing the process on everyone e-portfolio’s was cool. The critique in class went very well. I like how much feedback each classmate gave to their peers. All of the feedback could be used to keep in mind to help for future projects. I learned a lot about ambiguous and stable figures which I know will be very helpful in the future. Overall I probably spent about 5 hours on the project in total. The sketches in the very beginning took about 30 minutes. Making the outline for the inked thumbnails took an hour! It got a little annoying to get the outline right but it was definitely worth it! The drawing and inking took me about another hour. After that making the outline for the paper cut outs once again took an hour, I guess I still wasn’t used to it! Then drawing, cutting, and gluing the papers took about an hour and a half. It was really worth it to spend this much time on the project though. The more time the better it might turn out to be too! This project was very fun and interesting and I’m excited for the future projects!

Glossary Entry #1

1. Clairvoyance: Being able to predict future events

Link: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/clairvoyance

2. Sprightly: Being filled with energy, very happy

Link: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sprightly

3. Alms: Things given to the poor

Link: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/alms

4. Somber: Sad and serious

Link: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/somber


View From My Window: Research

As I look out of my window the main thing anyone would notice is my neighbors house. From the view of the side of their house through my window, I¬†can see one side of the slanted triangular roof. On the roof I can also see the chimney and a satellite. The roof is a gray color while the side of the house is a very light pink siding. I can also see three windows of their house. I can also see a short brick wall that separates the neighbors yard from mine. It’s not really a wall, but it’s also not really a gate. It’s probably just 3 feet tall. It can be easily jumped over. Being that the view from my window is the side of my neighbors house, I have a view of their drive way which has a cement ground. I can occasionally see either one of their cars or the cars of their children who are grown adults.


Moving away from my neighbors house, in the background I can see a huge pine cone tree. It’s in the yard next to my neighbors. That tree has been there since my family and I moved into this house, and I moved here when I was about 2 or 3! It has been there for ages. In the evening the sunset looks amazing with the tree in the picture. That’s pretty much all I see out of my window. It’s not really anything that changes everyday other than seeing a car in my neighbors driveway or it being empty. I can occasionally see a cat or squirrel walking along the brick wall, but that’s about it. I get the feeling that there’s a lot left to explore in the world outside of my window and there definitely is!