Project #5: Reflection

In this project we had to create a humument and write a description about it as if it were a gallery catalogue entry. My piece was called Dauntless and gave off a feeling of being brave, fearless, and determined. I think I did a good job at explaining all of the aspects of my piece and what they all meant. Creating the first draft of the humument took me about an hour and a half. Making the color palettes and references in class took about 2 hours. Then making the final drawing of the humument took about 2 hours to do. Writing the gallery note took me about 30 minutes and writing the gallery catalogue entry took me about 3 hours. It was a little hard to write as if it wasn’t my work of art. But I do think I ended up doing that really well while still describing the proper meaning of the piece. I could have expanded on my word choices when I was explaining some of the parts of my piece. This was overall a very fun final project to do. I enjoyed having to pick our own text from any book and creating something out of the words on the page.

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