Project #5: Gallery Catalogue Entry

Dauntless is a humument created by Priya Maharban. The artist used a page from the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. The interpretation brought out by the artist in this piece is different than the interpretation of the text. The artist has designed the piece to be read from top to bottom with lines leading the reader from word to word. It reads “Dauntless I barely fear people judging and observing. All occupied. Dauntless only are left…don’t fear”. After reading this piece the artist wants readers to feel inspired by it. It is designed to give off a sense of bravery, fearlessness, and determination.

The artist used an analogous palette for the color choices of this piece. These colors are more of cool colors to go with the bravery theme. The blues and greens give off a positive effect. The artist also chose to use a wing to draw around the words to be read in the piece. The wing is the a symbol of bravery in the piece. It can be related to the bald eagle, which is a very brave animal. Always determined. The outline and inside of the wing are colored in shades of blue. The outline of the wing is a muted blue while the inside is filled with a violet blue. These colors both help with the bravery theme as intended. The words to be read are all outlined in a rectangular shape. The shape is also a dark green color. The reader is also led on to what word to read next by lines leading from one to another. Those lines are a yellow green color. Green is an overall positive color that helps with the positive impact of the piece. The outside surroundings of the wing are also colored in a yellow green.

The dominant color of the artists piece is the violet blue inside the wing. The sub-dominant color is the yellow green surrounding the wing and also the lines inside of the wing that guide the reader from word to word. The accent colors are the dark green that make up the rectangular shapes and the muted blue that is the outline of the wing.

The title of the piece is Dauntless and the word is also used in the reading. That word itself means fearless and determined. When the piece is read there is a message of not caring or fearing about people who judge you, especially if they are trying to intimidate you. This is comes from “Dauntless I barely fear people judging and observing”. The next few lines “all occupied. Dauntless only are left.” tells readers that they will keep doing what they’re doing but remaining brave and fearless will keep you going and staying determined. Then there is the last line “Don’t fear” which has the obvious message of telling all the readers not to fear those who judge them, especially if they’re doing it for negative purposes. The overall piece after reading and viewing it makes the reader feel determined and inspired if they see the strong message within it. This message is very different than what is on the original text of the page in the book. It is just a scene that actually gives off a nervous feeling. The message in the humument is the opposite.

Readers may find their own intepretations of this humument by Priya Maharban. Its main purpose is to leave the readers/viewers inspired and determined. Having them feel brave and fearless at the same time too. The artist used bright and cool colors to emphasize the positive impact/meaning of the piece and its message.


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