Project #1: Reflection

In project #1 I wrote a bio about myself. Mostly about me as a student and what inspires me to do what I do. I talked about my interests and such. By working on this project I learned a lot about what I need to work on in my writing. I also learned that organizing your essay before you write it is very helpful. My bio probably would have ended up as being all over the place if there wasn’t an outline for it. I’m most proud of the details I included even though it could still use a little bit more details. As for any other improvements I really want to improve on my use of vocabulary in my work. What was helpful during this project was the feedback from my peers. It really helped me to get the final piece done. If I didn’t have any feedback my work wouldn’t have improved very much from the draft to the final piece. I wish I had spent some more time on this project. What I spent the most time doing was thinking of what details to include into each paragraph and figuring out if it belonged there or made sense. I definitely need to work on time management though. I’m hoping for future projects I can put more time into them and have a great outcome!

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