Hello allow me to introduce myself,


My name is Alaijah Champagne-Ruiz, I am a recent transfer student from Queensborough Community College to now currently enrolled in NYC College of Technology, City Tech pursuing my Associate’s Degree in Hospitality Management.  This major relates to my future goals by giving me opportunities to join numerous clubs and internships that will heighten my experience to where I know I can thrive. What the Hospitality Industry shows me is that I can be a part of a business that matches my values to what true customer service really is and how it can be spread globally and make a change in different ways.

My interests within the industry are through the culinary arts and business aspects. I am currently beginning to open a food content page on social media. My love for food inspires me to cultivate love on a plate and create an environment of good energy with people I meet through networking and various events. I am organized and determined with my project with hopes I can make a name for myself for my future. On the other hand with most of my background within food services I also have quite a knack for the hospitality management business side of this. I know that I have what it takes to run a business effectively and smoothly. With understanding verbal and nonverbal communications, I hope to learn more about ethical obligations with management positions and more about the technology that is currently advancing that can change the industry forever.

In conclusion, I know choosing City Tech can help me become a rising force in the hospitality world. I will prove myself and gain all the required knowledge and experience needed to achieve my new focus on becoming a hotel’s general manager.