Prof. Jessica Penner | OL10 | Spring 2021

Jason Weaver, Coates’ Critique

Overall I enjoyed how descriptive and deep the author was. The end of the story gave me chills because it seemed like the narrator was drowning and about to die. However, there seemed to be some sort of solace or peace that comes with death and I think that the author nailed it on the head, at least for me. Death seems like sweet salvation from life. The author constantly faded back and forth from light and darkness, to which I feel touches me. I have never drowned before so I wouldn’t know what its like but the author seems to do a good job describing the physical and psychological agony that comes with drowning.

I don’t have questions for the author because they did a very good job being descriptive and I thoroughly enjoyed the ending.


  1. Eamon Bolger

    I agree, the author really did do a great job in turning a terrible thing like drowning into death sound like it was the character’s salvation. Usually drowning would be described in a terrible and desperate tone, but the way it is described here is so excepting and somewhat warm.

  2. NadreaPT

    I agree with you as well. I really enjoy when writers are descriptive in their story. It gives me a sense of “oh wow, I see exactly what the author is describing and saying.”

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