Lily walked to school hand and hand with her boyfriend Colton excited for her first class trip. They both attended an elite private high school for supernatural creatures called White Wood Academy. Today’s field trip for their marine biology class. They walked through the double doors of the school and went up the three flights of stairs. Lily was very excited to see what the day had in store for her.

As the two sit down Stella was the first to arrive out of  her friends. Lily thought to herself  “The overcast weather is perfect for today, no one will need an umbrella or sunscreen ”.  After all the students had arrived the teacher spoke up and said “ The buses are here. We are going Witches, Werewolves, Vampires”. Everyone soon lined up with Sella and Lily being in the front with the witches, a part of the werewolves in the middle was Colton and his best friend Grayson, and finally Asher and Hunter who were also well acquainted with the group with the Vampires.

Everyone got to the bus and paired up for the ride ahead since the seats only held two people each. The pairs went as followed: Lily and Colton, Stella and Grayson, and last but not least Asher and Hunter. The ride was going to be about two hours North from their school. They were going to a water reservoir in the forest. The purpose of the trip was to learn about nature and release fish to the river. The class had raised the fish from their egg stage to adult forms and it was now time to let them go. 

Once everyone got settled, the bus took off on their journey. After around a half hour into the bus ride Colton turned to Lily, handing her one side of his head phone “Do you want it?” he said with a smile. She took it and put it in her ear, blushing a little from the cute couple things that were happening. They have only been dating for about three months at this point. Behind them was Sella and Grayson having an argument about how the world is most likely to end. Across from Lily and Colton was Asher and Hunter who just laughed about memes the entire way. 

With time passing and after lots of window watching, naps, funny jokes, and music they finally arrived at their destination. They all slowly exited the bus. The teacher and a national park worker led them to a small creek to release the fish. They each got a small clear plastic cup with a fish. Each student was to pour the cup gently into the river. “I’m naming him River, I think it’s poetic justice for this little guy” Lily chuckled. “Mine is going to be named Turbo, because he looks like a fast swimmer” Hunter spoke. “If yours is named River I have to name mine Forest because she is in this beautiful scenery” Stella chimed in. The two witches laughed a little at the nature puns they were making. Colton looked at the fish “His name shall be Silver after the color of her scales”. Asher just plainly said “this fish will be named God”. Hunter was the last one to name his fish “I think his power level is over 9,000 … Goku is a fitting name for this little warrior” 

They take a short hike after releasing the fish. Asher broke the silence by saying “if you hit a supernatural creature with a human book of religion will it hurt?” They all stopped to look at him, Stella just sighed and rolled her eyes. Hunter then added “what if you hit a human with a supernatural book will it hurt?” Lily spoke up and said “ wanna find out? Basically you’re saying I can hit you both with books in the name of science?” They looked at each other and then looked at her and Asher said “yes?” Hunter said “Maybe?” at about the same time.  Grason joined in “You can hit me with a book any time” and winked at Lily and laughed. Colton got a little jealous by the end of the conversation and smacked his friend in the head “Stop flirting bro not cool, she is my girlfriend. I’m the only one she is allowed to hit with a book”. Realising what he just said he covered his face with his hands very embarrassed about the words that just came out of his mouth. “In the name of science I’ll keep that in mind” lily said while laughing at  what she just heard with the rest of the group. Asher looked at his friend “I don’t care how jealous you wolves get you are never living that one down, sorry not sorry”. 

Exhausted from all of the excitement of the day they all made their way back to the bus. Once they all got on everyone went back to their seats. Some of the students play on their phones while others pull out snacks and drinks, and a few decided to take a nap. Laughing, eating, and sleeping everyone was enjoying their time on the bus ride back. “This will be a memory we will all keep for a long time”  lily thought to herself watching the forest disappear from her view.