Prof. Jessica Penner | OL10 | Spring 2021

Ariel Itshaik, Coates’ Critique

After reading this story we can understand many themes that the book seems to discuss. One of the main ideas that are portrayed within this excerpt is how close Hiram is to his family even though he is separated from them. He is able to clearly picture rose even though she is presumed to be sold to a slave-trading town in another state. What I enjoyed about this story was how the author was able to vividly describe the stone bridge because it made me feel as if I was there. He has a great way of describing even the saddest of stories by pushing readers to imagine the situation and see it with their own eyes.


  1. Eamon

    I definitely agree, I think the imagery is super well detailed. I think that the bridge was one of the parts that really helped create the story setting since when you think about it the story takes place near the bridge the whole time.

  2. NadreaPT

    I agree with you, as he described as he was at the bridge and what emotions it brings him, it’s like we are right there next to him. Very descriptive.

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