To the future students of ENG 1141

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to learning and for me, I strongly prefer the remote option. While you do not hear many people saying this, I am one of those few who prefer to have classes online for various reasons. I figured out that I learn better remotely and the convenience of using your own home as a place of studying and academics works best in my favor. For this class it was the same because being home allowed me to use a comfortable space to see how much I can develop as a writer. And to my surprise, I realized that all the writing assignments assigned to us in one way or another has benefitted my writing style in many ways. Like with every class you may find that one flaw that you might dislike but just know in some way shape or form it is to boost the way you write and to get feedback in the process. My advise would be to first know if you are a remote learner or not. By doing so, dedicate time and energy to knowing how you are going to balance writing your assignments. From there just test the limits of your creativity. Have fun and good luck. Oh and I almost forgot; You will not regret taking Professor Penner so don’t be afraid to ask questions when needed.