Hello New Students!

My name is Benson Huang and I was in this class last semester! I’d like to give you some ideas what this class will be like. There obviously will be writing as the class name is Creative Writing I’m not sure if this semester is going back to school yet so it might be Creative Typing instead. Since my handwriting sucks I’d like to keep Creative Typing if i ever had to type more in the future. The assignments will challenge you on your ability to think and create writing from either existing themes like a memoir or some dialogue that you’ve had. Or completely from scratch like short story writing which you can literally write whatever you want. The only limit is you. Personally I liked short story writing since it gave us the most freedom. Poems is what I disliked the most even though you still have the freedom to write on whatever topic you want, you are limited by the style of poem you write. Before the first assignment you will be assigned into groups/cohorts. This group will stay with you the entire semester and you will review each others work giving suggestions or ideas that may or may not help each others writings. Most of the time it will be suggestions to add more to the writing to help the reader color in the picture. I’m not sure how this would help in a future career as a CST student but I did learn to add detail and describe the setting to help the reader paint a full image in their heads. Hopefully you will get more out of this class than I did.

Benson Huang