Tuesday, April 13, 2021


  • Here’s another website that has awesome pictures that might help you think of a good setting for your story, if you’re still unsure. You aren’t required to use one of these settings, of course, but hopefully you see what I’m wanting you to focus on!
  • Post your new short story for your Cohort to review by class time (10 AM). Title it Full Name, Short Story 2 under Short Stories.
  • Read and respond to your Cohort’s work. There’s a new worksheet to guide your responses. Check your email for the Cohort lists and the worksheet!
  • Homework: Begin selecting four poems that you’ve enjoyed in the past (due next week).
  • Respond to the questions on the Announcement page by class time on Thursday, April 15.
  • If you are able, attend the 2021 NYCCT Literary Arts Festival via Zoom! Click here for details.

Thursday, April 15, 2021


  • Be sure to respond to the questions on the Announcement page by class time!
  • We’ll discuss short story writing and have an open mic (again, optional).


  • Homework: Journal Assignment 6: Reflect on your experience with short story writing—good, bad, so-so, and why.
  • Read/Watch Staceyann Chin’s “Tsunami Rising.