Prof. Jessica Penner | OL02 | Spring 2021

Nelson Tavarez, Coates’ Critique

I really enjoyed the way whole process leading up to the climax. When the main character realized they were in a river. The description of her feeling freedom in a such a dire situation. Although I had a little difficulty processing the beginning. The text help draw an image in my head of the situation and plant me in the book. It was a good read. I’m not sure if the book will continue like this since it seems the ending of the character is near, but it’s only the beginning.


  1. Moose

    I also enjoyed the process leading up to the climax. I would love to see a co tinted part and find out what the narrator has in store for them next.

    • Moose


  2. Jeffrey

    It’s interesting how you mentioned that this chapter could be the end of the book because it does seem like that. Even on its own, this chapter seems to have a mini arc that could end itself without being a part of a book.

  3. DeAndre Badresingh

    This part did sure come off as a “ending piece” so I agree it did seem like an ending of the everything was falling together.

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