Prof. Jessica Penner | D304 | Spring 2022

Simi Babsogundeji, POV Story for Picture A

In the land of Arcadius, Bianca is destined to find the purpose of the cuberium. She is the most powereful craftswomen, and witch of the town. She has gained her title through years of work and encouragement from her family. They’d all passed trying to crack the cuberium, but she was the strongest of them all and motivated. It is believed it will open a portal to the new world the land has been researching, Oculus. For several long weeks, day and night hardly sleeping she’s been looking for the perfect algorithm for this thing. ” Bot. Quick hand me the wire there I think I’ve figured this thing out” he fetches the wire wagging his tail in excitement. Putting the last piece together she did it. As the cuberium glows and shapeshifts she realizes something unbelievable. Its purpose is not what we’ve all believed, it was something deeper. A magic so powerful the skies darken purple: the grounds begin to shake. The cuberium shoots up into the air. Bianca falls back from the impact and watches the magic unroll Bot howls at the sight shaken behind Bianca.

“Get up Bianca you’ve done” Bianca freezes at the voice and the hand touching her shoulder. Her eyes water as she turns and sees a sight so unreal. The fallen souls of her family members. The cuberium collected the souls of the dead and they were now released to the world. The bad and the good, she was happy for now but knew this would take the wrong turn soon.


  1. Adrian Polanco

    I liked the idea of wanting to get something that was taken from you and the idea of a cliffhanger honestly got me really interested in hearing the rest.

  2. Nicole Zuniga

    I enjoyed the part where the bot was wagging its tail I thought that was cute just imagining what it would look like.

  3. Dree-Nica Isemar

    I really loved how you came up with the names for everything: the place and the object. This seems like it would be a very interesting book to read with the attention to detail and how well you described the emotions.

  4. Austin Vegas

    I enjoyed how you gave the picture you were presented with a mythical, fantasy type atmosphere. It allowed for us as readers to imagine ourselves in another world while reading through. The ending could’ve been more detailed but leaving it at a cliffhanger is another strong point.

  5. Zevanya

    I honestly was hooked as soon as I read the first sentence. I was able to visualize the story and felt like I was in a game trying to solve a mystery. The only question I have is, what happens next?

  6. Parmanand Sankar

    I enjoyed how you built up the fantasy in this world. Also liked how you described the magic.

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