David was partaking in his reading assignment on his bus ride home. Pencil in hand, he was completely focused on his task, ignorant of the passengers around him, and only slightly aware of the sleeping woman next to him. Earlier during the year, he decided that since he was going to be alone on his bus ride, he might as well get some work done. Of course, not all work can be easily completed on a bumpy bus ride, so he would generally opt into completing his reading assignment. 

Eventually, David would smirk as he would underline the last important text, and would proceed to stow his book and pencil away to put on the headphones hanging around his neck. His younger siblings were always jealous that he would come home with some of his work done, as they were forced to walk to travel from their schools. David would enjoy what little left of the bus ride remaining listening to some of his favorite music, glad that he had the luxury of reclining during his daily commute.