Prof. Jessica Penner | D304 | Spring 2022

Zevanya Sibarani, POV Story for Picture C

Liza and Bryan have been dating for 1 year. Liza recently started a new job at a lawfirm as an assistant and is extremely exhausted from working 60 hours every week. Bryan is currently unemployed and is focusing on his music career. He is very driven when it comes to music and believes that he would rather kill himself than work a 9-5 for corrupted companies. Around 11 am, Liza and Bryan left and got on the bus to drop off the rent money to the building’s office since they have been behind 2 months worth of rent. Liza falls asleep on the bus while Bryan was struck with inspiration and started jotting down lyrics to a potential new song. She tries to be supportive of Bryan but she needs him to lift half of the burden since she’s the one paying all the bills and daily necessities. Bryan constantly tells Liza that he will succeed in the music industry and become a millionaire spoiling her with a new house without having to worry about rent. As hopeful as Liza wants to be, she feels like she is the only adult facing reality while Bryan is stuck on his dreams and fantasy. 


  1. Lisa

    Your attention to detail and backstory is incredible! It was very specific and it felt like an actual story this is probably someone’s reality somewhere in the world. I felt like I was reading an intro to a Netflix show or something it was great! I’m going to assume your picture was the moment where they are on the bus and she falls asleep while he writes lyrics?

  2. Aninda Das

    I really like the motivation which can be spoken through from the story itself and how both of the people Liza and Bryan work together to support everything.

  3. Ziad

    That is a fine well written caption that sounds both interesting and realistic.

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