Katie : i think y’all should use my account, i can’t guarantee i’ll be able to wait in the queue that long so just use my account to try and get tickets. i’ll use a burner account to try and watch them go and if anything and i get my hands on tickets, i have your card and i’ll call

Katie: omg what if we’re lucky enough to get some floor tickets

Dennis: nah there is gonna be A LOT of people trying to buy tickets, I highly doubt we would be lucky enough to get some

Katie: just because there’s gonna be a lot of people buying tickets doesn’t mean I don’t know my way around the system 😉

*Dennis stared in confusion as he was trying to figure out what katie meant by this*

Dennis: what do you mean you “know your way”, the only way you’re getting tickets is like the rest of us sis LMFAOAO

Katie: alright then since you wanna doubt me, I guess i’ll just keep my “way around the system” to myself

Dennis: girl if there is a way for you to get FRONT ROW tickets, you have to tell me.

Katie: fine, but only because you’re my best friend, so my uncle is a manager at the arena and he’s able to input into the system that two seats aren’t up for sale and we can have them

Dennis: isn’t that illegal ??? i’m not trying to get ARRESTED over a concert ticket, i’m trying to have a good future with no criminal record you know 

Katie: OH RELAX, no one will know anything unless you say something, my uncle is well respected at that arena so no one there would say anything about it

Dennis: i’ll go, but you have to make sure that you’re uncle is able to do it without anyone knowing because you’re uncle has a very lengthy past of being a snitch and I don’t want to be the one to say it ….. But i’m not getting locked up for your uncle trying to blame us for doing it when he gets caught 

Katie OH PLEASE you’re overreacting, he’s not gonna snitch,we’re gonna go and THATS IT.