Fila: the most i spent on books was 10 dollars for this semester

DeeDee: Lucky ima have to spend 55 or 60 on a book for my psychology class

DeeDee: In all I have to spend over 100 for 3 books 

Fila: These textbook prices really don’t make any sense, and it doesn’t help at the fact that the school knows our financial status, yet, they still charge us regular price for a book we’re only going to use for ONE SEMESTER.

DeeDee: EXACTLY, I literally had a professor that told me it’s doesn’t matter that my family is considered low income, and then the audacity to kick me out of his class because of my family situation like how does that concern you ???

*Fila expresses his emotions through a face of disgust*

Fila: oh my god, that is so messed up… what triggered him to be so upset of a situation that had NOTHING to do with him??

DeeDee: Honestly, i’m not surprised that he did that because this is the same professor that thought it was ok to make a joke about brown skin being dirty to a literal BLACK PERSON, keep in mind this is a white man making this joke

Fila: Oh no DeeDee, at this point I think it’s best that you report him to the dean of his apartment about this, who’s to say he hasn’t done this to other students too ?

DeeDee: Oh he has, i’m not the only one he’s done this too, but you know how situations like this end up for people like you and me, we get blamed for being too “sensitive” and then have the angry black woman/man narrative pushed upon us

Fila: The fact that we still have to deal with this after 400+ years of oppression is fucking ridiculous, I don’t understand how they can claim that this country is “progressive” when we walk down the street and get called slurs cause they know no one is going to defend us.

DeeDee: That’s America for you *sigh*