(My friend A asked if i like Lorde)

A: Hey bitch do you like lorde?

Me: eh kinda I only like her album melodrama

A: Well, she’s going to have a tour concert in 2022, wanna go?

Me thinking if I have enough money for the concert”

Me: mmm well let’s see how much does it cost? crying emoji

A: well where do you want to sit bitch??? crying emoji

Me: My bad crying emoji

(shows me sc)

(most prices to see her in front of the auditorium is 350)

Me: well how much do you like her? I personally don’t care either way we’re gonna have fun I guess rolling eye emoji

A: Well let’s go to the front row, are you are you’re gonna go?

Me: Yes bitch

(him purchases two tickets)

Me: okay tell me how much I owe you, I’ll pay you when my paycheck arrives