Prof. Jessica Penner | OL20 | Fall 2021

Angie Navarro final reflection draft

I think that writing an informative essay is pretty boring until it comes to write your own experiences because someone else can relate to your writings. I enjoy writing because it makes me express myself since it’s difficult for me to open to people. It’s a form of communicating your own feelings to people that you haven’t met. I like expressing myself where I won’t have a professor correcting me for having incorrect information.

I personally believe that this class made it easier for me to express myself through dialogues, short stories, and poems. Since for me, the class is to express yourself and create new characters that go through a specific path with different writing techniques. For example, for me creating a short story was pretty easy since I created a character that went through the same thing that I experienced. This class also helped me understand other’s people perspectives since they included some of their personal lives through their writing.

Before I had this course it was difficult for me to express myself, however now I have the idea of how to be creative with my writings. It also showed me how to use different techniques with writings. I’m grateful for having an idea of what I’m doing.

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    What did you enjoy about this reflection?
    I really enjoyed your beginning. I feel it’s really relatable. Writing shouldn’t have to be perfect.
    What is one thing the writer has learned about themselves as a writer?
    Learned how to express emotion easier through writing.
    What is one thing the writer has learned about themselves as a reader?
    helped understand others people perspectives
    How will the writer use the skills they’ve learned in college and/or community?
    they now have the skill of different techniques to use in other places.
    Question: Was there an assignment you have most difficult time expressing emotions?

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