I have missed most of my work at the beginning of the semester. I was so excited for this class to be honest but things took a huge turn for me. I have done English Language before but to be honest I love this class. After the classes that I have missed I tried my best to keep up with my other assignments and try to fall right back into this class.

So far with all my assignments I love doing them and for the one that I have missed I would of love to do them as well. I love English, I love to be creative sometimes when I am in that mood. I remember one time I wrote a poem and showed it to my teacher and she loved it, this was in high school.

Well after doing our assignments, we want other opinion on how they think we did and with the help of our peers we are able to rectify our mistakes and make our assignment better. It have been a very challenging class but yet fun, once you enjoy something you like you can have fun doing it. This class work open my mind and my thinking ability to be creative towards my essays and answers towards questions.

Well my writing always have something to do with being more “get to the point” Straight forward. I have been working on it and hope I get better at it. Having my work being revised is very well good since i know where I have made a mistake and how I can fix it to to make it better. My peers feedback have been straight forward and I respect that. Online writing class have me adapt to do it since I am like a shy person but I can be more of myself behind closed camera. I read and understand everything if I do not know much I would google meaning of it and try to understand.

I missed most assignment because of an unexpected turn life made. It was challenging to be in a country where family can’t afford the expense to get WIFI in their home. So most days I missed my classes and was worried so much as what to do. As soon as I landed back in the USA I started to get my work done, I was even given up but I made up my mind.