Writing about something is really complicated because of how much information you need but when the topic is one of your choice or you know what you are going to write about it is really easy to show your writing skills in various ways. I have been a part of not a lot but some writing assignments which lead me to understand a random topic quicker than before and get ideas to write about it with zero hesitation. let’s say an event occurred with somebody and I would have to write something about it first I would read and learn about the event and try to understand it as if it has happened with me and then I would get ideas on how to make my statements and sentences. over the course of time, I have written many memoirs, journals and short stories that has helped me get a better understanding on how to improve my writing skills and make it easier to read and understand for the reader. Because one thing I have learned while writing all these is that the reader needs to feel comfortable and attached while reading even a single line that I have wrote. In this class every new assignment was a challenge for me because English is not my first language therefore, I would have to understand and choose the correct words and make a sentence that the reader would understand. since the beginning of this class I have read, understood and wrote a whole lot of assignments that got me some positive feedback from my peers, which lead me to believe that even though I might not be a Nobel prize level of writer, I am not as bad of a writer I thought I was as well. which helped me gain confidence and write more using my creativity and sharp choice of words.