Prof. Jessica Penner | OL20 | Fall 2021

Faria Promi P.O.V group C

One night day, there was a boy who was waiting to go to the bus stop, to go to school. As he waited for the bus to come, he was listening to music. Finally, after 10-15 minutes, the bus has arrived and the boy had hopped on and got a seat next to a girl because there weren’t any other seats left. The bus was packed with many ages of people, who travels to take the bus to their own destination. When he sat down with the girl, the girl fell asleep because it was a long way from her own trip. The boy’s name is Daniel and the girl’s name is Emma. The boy was drawing on his own sketchbook all the way to his stop. After his stop came, they went home.


  1. Angie Navarro

    I like how you mentioned the details of Daniel and Emma, it was easy to imagine this story in my mind. It sounds like the beginning of a friendship. Do you know if Daniel and emma know each other?

  2. Tabitha Demero

    this reminds me of a old-timey bus where there was no phones are any type of portable technology. the only thing I wish you did was paint out the picture of me in your detailed descriptions.


    I enjoyed how relatable t this story was. Packed bus are the worst. I don’t like taking them. What happened to the girl? Did she miss her stop?

  4. Princess_Taty

    I enjoyed how real life like this story is. It made so much easier to be able to relate since it is very common. Do you know if the girl and Daniel get off at the same bus stop together? I feel like I want some more descriptive background to be able to paint a better picture in my head.

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