Prof. Jessica Penner | OL20 | Fall 2021

Tabitha Demero, POV Story For Picture A

Her name is Khadija, she likes being called Dee. She puts all her time and effort into making her futuristic time machine for the national contest in her city. Dee lives in Musk, the city created by the late great Elon Musk back in 2050. the city has new inventions being generated every year so its hard for a common citizen to make a brand new invention, which is why one of the contest rules allow for competitors to reuse an invention but to advance it with they’re own renovations.

Dee’s dog Max is a titanium and steel mix-breed; the year is 3025 of course he’s a robot dog. Max is Dee’s personal AI assistant; he was made after the first AI assistant; his great-great-many greats grandmother Siri. dee uses Max as a researcher, data analyst, and diy expert.

Dee is usually known as the refurbishing parts in her inventions but for this she had to get the good stuff, tesseract. The tesseract, the aqua colored block, its a third-realm metal only grown every 3 years on a planet 100-light years away from Musk. Sid, her oldest friend helped went with Max to get it for Dee in 3 days time.

There’s still much to be done for her time-machine, and Dee is still perfecting the foundation. she requires total attentiveness when working with the tesseract because one unplanned crack and the whole thing turns to dust, but with perfect precise cuts, the most powerful energy is released making the most common citizen into a deity. which is why Max is quiet and still as a mouse.


  1. Devi Ramnarine

    Hi Tabitha, wow Very excellent work, I would of never think this far when look at the picture. Very great work!

  2. valencia

    that is amazing how much you wrote in such a short time. love how you forward the year to suit the time machine. when is the national contest?

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