Using the power of perspective in literature, Le Guin crafts a suspenseful tale of a husband that hid a sinister secret from his family through the eyes of his wife.

Le Guin illustrates the roller coaster of emotions that the wife must go through before meeting the monster that her husband becomes.

Le Guin builds suspense throughout the story by describing how in his human form, the husband is a good and responsible giant. The wife calls him gentle and overall, a wonderful person. As the story progresses, she drops hints about his husband’s secret, saying the transformation is due to the moon. The wife also says “There was some… tales that come out after what happened to my husband. It’s something that runs in the blood…. Something comes over the one that’s got the curse in his blood.” She also talks about how the husband’s own daughter was afraid of him. The story lure you with its mysterious and vague details about the husband’s past.

The ending where the monster husband is also explored well. We know that despite his double-life, the wife still loves his husband. He wants to see his husband in human form, but he dies in his monster form. This tragic end for the husband and wife concludes this story nicely.

Overall, it’s a fun and snackable story that is loaded with details, mystery and emotional in only a few pages. It’s a great read for anyone who likes fantasy and romance stories.