Dear Future Student:
My name is Maria Mateo, when I enrolled in this class, the mere fact of the title of this class seemed so interesting to me that I thought it would be the perfect class to develop my personal expression, my creativity and my way of communicating but let me tell you that creative writing goes beyond that because it is a space where you reflect, you generate thought, you confront the way you think about life, you learn to look, to discover the other side of things, to write what is observed but it is also a path of exploration of the word, from the experience of reading and writing.

One of the readings that I read during the semester and that I liked the most was ā€œPendeja, You Ain’t Steinbeckā€ by Miriam Gurba. Not only is the title of this reading interesting, but also what the writer details in each paragraph, she expresses her dissatisfaction with Cummins’ book. This book is intended to be a portrait of the hard experience of the immigrant to cross the border and in reality it is a book that shows stereotypes, prejudices and inaccuracies about Mexicans and their culture. I Loved and enjoyed reading this because as a Latina I identify myself because when we are being stereotyped It typically presents us in a negative light and attacks our morality, work and our ethic.Ā 

Being an online student is not easy because sinceĀ  you are not going to have the teacher remindingĀ  you that you have an assignment pending for the week or something like that it is stressful , but for this class it was a little more relieved because the teacher sent us email reminders of all the assignments that we had to completeĀ  and also we did not have the pressure that we had to meet at a certain time and it gave us more freedom and more time to work on assignments. My advice for you to be a successful student is that,Ā  always pay attention to your emails, completeĀ  all your assignments and reach the professor in case you have any questions or problems. This course will be useful personally and at my careerĀ  because it helped me gain greater security when communicating my stories, ventures and projects in public.


Maria Mateo