Journal assignment # 8

The location is Martha’s Country Bakery. The time is around five o’clock in the evening. Amanda; a  lady wearing a green t-shirt and a striped jeans is sitting outdoors with John, a gentleman wearing a maroon shirt and jeans pants.  

Amanda: I haven’t been out for so long, I missed you babe.

John: awww I missed you too!, did you take a look at the menu, they have really nice desserts in here.

Amanda: yeah I know, I have been here before multiple times before all that Rona nonsense.

John: you have?, weird!, who did you go with?

Amanda: excuse me?, why are you asking ?

John (in an angry yet quiet tone of voice) : you haven’t told me you came here before and we’ve been together for two years so it’s kinda weird don’t you think?


Amanda (in a loud annoyed tone): oh my god, are you mistrusting me again?

John: no, I’m just trying to understand why you didn’t mention it before.

Amanda: (sighs) anyways, I’m done with arguing with you please let me enjoy my day off in peace.

John: ok then Amanda!, I won’t force you.

Amanda (in a challenging tone): you can’t!


John: so, what would you like to get?

Amanda: just call the waitress!

John (sighs, calls the waitress): excuse me.

Amanda: Hi, can I get a strawberry banana smoothie.

John: and I will get the banana cream pie please.

Waitress: anything else?

John: no, thanks a lot.

Amanda (in a loud angry tone): now you are nice to other people, why not with me!

John: (sighs) please don’t attract the attention to us; we said we will talk later so let’s enjoy the day as you want.  

Amanda (in a frustrated tone): it’s not my fault that your feelings are still hurt from your previous relationship because you have been cheated on. I have been trying my best every day the past two years to earn your trust to the point that it has become toxic and…

John interrupts: I know, I’m sorry okay!!

Amanda: Okay!!

The waitress arrives with the dessert and John and Amanda start to eat quietly.

John: This thing is so sweet!!, but not as sweet as you (winks).

Amanda (blushes and looks at john in confusion): huh, thanks. Now let me enjoy my smoothie.

John: that’s a one lucky smoothie (winks again)

Amanda and John start laughing and the smoothie saves the day.