My name is Marina, I’m a BSN student in City Tech. I’m writing to you to give you an idea about what to expect and what you will learn from this creative writing class. I’ve personally enjoyed this class a lot for many reasons; one of them is the interesting readings that I did in this class. There were two readings that I really enjoyed and found them to be compelling; The First Day by Edward P. Jones and Whatever Happened To by Anonymous.

The First Day talks about an African American single mother and daughter that are getting ready to go to apply to elementary school despite the fact that the mother cannot read or write. I found this reading to be very inspirational, it discusses many issues in the society such as the difference in social classes, poverty, the importance of education, and the struggle of single mothers yet their love to their children. The second reading, “Whatever Happened To”, talks about a female teacher who is also a writer and a mother and her struggle with her ex-husband and the society. This reading discusses issues such as violence in marriage, gender roles, and gender inequality and societal double standards via a beautifully written monologue that started with a simple conversation with a taxi driver.

I have done this class online and I will be honest with you, it was tough. It is difficult to keep up with all the readings and the assignments which were a lot but you can always reach for help and ask questions to the professor. You will need time management skills to do well in this class as well as technology and computer skills. Besides that this class was really enjoyable in a creative sense, it will be useful to you in the future if you are a nurse or any career that require you to communicate, document, or create written content or information. It will help you with getting your ideas by and writing in a descriptive way which is also useful for research in your future career. It might also awake a hidden talent or hobby of writing in you that will give you the opportunity to express your emotions and ideas in a written form. In general, you will enjoy this class as long as you read, participate and write creatively.

Best of luck,

Marina Malak