Leviza Murtazayeva

Journal 10, Letter to a future student!

English 1141

          Dear Future student,

I would like to inform you this is not a course you may think it is, you may think of it as if it is an adventure of learning new styles of writing, drowning in passion of a deep text, figuring out the tone or thought a character in a text may bring. It is called the creative writing for a reason! It is meant for you to work on your imagination and alter the way you see or read things in a sense where you have never read before. Even though is it a class that never meets in person, or a class that you will never be able to know who are your class peers are or how they look in person, you may never hear their voices. But the professor gave us tasks that opened us students as a person where we taught about each other more deeply than just someone behind a laptop or a monitor. We were accouraged to comment on each of the student’s work where we would read and learn how the student writes. Also, there were moments where we would send our work to a group that was assigned for them to comment more details and how they felt about the text, from there we would revise our work much better with a second, third or fourth opinion as well as the opinion from the course professor. Most readings are very motivational and had a lot of thought provided to a reader, the one which stood out for me the most is called “The Wife’s Story” by Leguin. This story made me imagine a lot of the scenes, and each scene was occurring excepted, the ending was probably nothing a reader would ever except. Therefore, there are many things you may learn in this course, it’s an adventurous rollercoaster, you learn from videos, speeches, poems, pictures and many different types of texts. Good luck!