My name is Adama Barro, for the fall  semester 2020, I registered for English creative writing class and it was an amazing experience.

English being my second language for me, it is always challenging to be in the same class as a native English speaking student.

The first day of class, I didn’t know what to expect, how the teachers will be and how her teaching technique will fit me in the class.

My teacher’s introduction was a game changer, she came with very friendly and respectful ways, ensuring us that we are all learning, there are no right or wrong answers, just to do our best and with her guidance we will get to perfection together.

In the first week of class, she gave us an assignment “Meet my” which was basically anything we like and want to share with others and from that I started to realize that it is not as difficult as I thought.

From that, every week was a new and interesting subject, she helped me express myself more and be open to share my personal experiences with my classmates.

After four weeks, I missed some classes and assignments due to health reasons but when I came back, she took her time and walked me through all my missing works and was available for all my questions.

This school year was very different from others due to the Covid 19, all classes were on line which I taught will be easier but on the contrary the challenge was much more for me, I had 6 classes and it was overwhelming.

What I will recommend for online classes is to work on a daily basis, do not postpone any assignment and be in constant contact with your professor.

Creative writing goes beyond a literature class, it is your everyday life, it makes you think outside the box and you can apply that knowledge in all aspects of your professional and personal life and when you put your mind into it, before you know you will be writing your own short stories, poems or books.

This class was a good opportunity for me to discover some hiding talents I didn’t know I had and some amazing classmates.

Thank you professor Jessica Penner.