Text thread 1

Sun, Nov 22, 5:35 pm

Tania: Hey Marina how are you?

Marina: Heyyy, I’m ok. Just working lol. How are you??

Tania: surviving lol. Work is no joke and I’m struggling with our case management course because of it.

Marina: I’m sorry to hear that. Try to talk to the professor to extend some of the deadlines, she is very understanding and we are in tough times. Let me know if you need any help with assignments even though I’m struggling too lol because of work as well.

Tania: thanks a lot Marina. Maybe I will email her today. I will let you know if I need anything.

Marina: off course!, say hi to Daisy (Tania’s daughter) for me, I hope she’s feeling better.

Tania: She is much better thank goodness. I was terrified when she tested positive last month, I had to quarantine her and isolate her from me and the rest of the family. Poor girl is only 10 years old for all that virus nonsense.

Marina: I’m glad she is feeling better.

Tania: Thank you love, I will let her know you said Hi, she misses you!

Marina: awww I miss her too. Let me know if you guys wanna facetime on thanksgiving.

Tania: for sure love, see you then!

Marina: see you!!

Text thread 2

Wed, Nov 25, 2:45 Pm

Marina: Happy thanksgiving beautiful.

Lia: Happy thanksgiving Love!!, and Happy birthday lol, two special occasions today.

Marina: lol my birthday is not that special but thanks lol

Lia: Nooo, don’t say that. I wanna take you out on the weekend to celebrate it after work lol

Marina: ok, can’t wait!!!. Speaking of work, have you heard back from our manager about the new computer system that they will implement.

Lia: yes, she said we will have an online workshop for it so don’t worry.

Marina: Thank god lol, I barely knew how to work with the old one lmaooo

Lia: girl!!, you are a mess lol

Marina: hmmm (sad face)  (sad face) 

Text thread 3

Fri, Nov 27, 1:40 pm

Michael: Marina!!

Marina: what’s up?

Michael: I got My paycheck!!

Marina: oh god, just now?

Michael: yes!. Finally lived to this day lol!!!

Marina: Haha, I’m happy for you. We have been having lots of issues with this new system and the HR.

Michael: I had to stay on top of them, but it shouldn’t be this way I have enough stress with school and work already.

Marina: I know man, sorry to hear that. Me too!!.

Michael: did you finish your late assignments??

Marina: I’m working on them now, finally a day off but I doubt I would be able to finish all of them.

Michael: ugh that sucks man, let me know if you need my help lol.

Marina: lmaoo, we don’t even go to the same school 😀

Michael: 😀 😀 :b