My poetry writing has been good so far. I was not aware of the many techniques and forms that a poem can be written and I had a misconception that a poem has to rhyme to be considered a poem. I have read many poems that did not have to always rhyme and they were very artistic and metaphoric. I enjoyed how sometimes I still would not be able to get the main idea or know it has a double meaning. I think that poetry writing is very effective in sending a message to the reader even more than story writing because of its song like nature and easiness to stick to the reader’s mind. I enjoyed using imagery and metaphors to get my ideas by and express what needs to be said in an easier way to understand. Poetry has many forms based on structure, rhyme, topic, or pattern; it is still not quite clear for me how each one work but I learned the general differences between them. I know that I enjoyed learning and writing poetry even in my language, Arabic. People used poetry to tell historical stories that are full of emotions and ideas that I grew up hearing, memorizing, and falling in love with.