Hi my name is Kiara Wright and i am in the Emerging media technology major and my concentration is game design. I am taking the time to write this letter to you to let you know why you should take this class. The reason why I decided to take this class is because I wanted to build on my creative writing skills. Also because I am planning on continuing to write a graphic novel like Manga called Grim Eye’s. I felt like I had writer’s block so I could figure out what to write. I learned so much from this class that helped me continue my story. Taking online classes for me is still taking some getting use to because I rather go to class in person. But taking online classes are no so bad because all of my classes deals with the computer , like we build games and stuff, we don’t need textbook or anything. In this class you have the freedom to write based on the topic given and the readings. But the reading is an example of the topics given so you can have a clear understanding what the topic is and how it works. Like we learned about the story and context, dialogue, point of view and the voice of style of what we read. I feel like if you are interested in making short stories or writing journals this class is for you. In this class you get feedback from your classmates and they tell you their honest opinion about what they think about what you wrote.