Marina Malak

Creative writing

ENG 1141

November 25th, 2020

My Poems:


I love my body

Every part tells a story

I love all the arteries and the organs in between 

The feet tell how many hours I worked

The mouth witnesses kisses and food

I love when it is salty and love it when it is sweet

My hair tells if it’s raining

My fingers are shaped like the moon

My heart beats keep me dancing and alive

My lungs breathe out the past and inhale fresh air

I love how my spleen floats, with my liver inside there.

I love all about my body, all the flaws and details.


Abecedarian Requiring Further Examination of Anglikan Seraphym Subjugation of a Wild Indian Rezervation:

There’s an angel for everything, or at least that’s what they say

Angels?, really? , I’m not sure.

Lucifer, Gabriel, and Michael. Who are those?

Have anyone seen them before? , because I know I have not

I have not even heard of them before

Maybe they only come to white people.

That will explain a lot

All I know is that I don’t

See anyone or feel anything

Maybe they’re just watching us

Maybe they’re just sitting up there

All I know is that for sure

They don’t benefit me or my people

And if you are one of us, you better hope they don’t hurt you


A History of Domestication:

Send me a pigeon with a message.

That’s if you find any left.

What time is it, it’s hard to tell

It’s hot enough to bake.

Use your eyes and look at the sun.

I can’t see it, maybe it’s gone

At night I can’t sleep, maybe the sadness, maybe the heat

Maybe the bread baking in a volcano

But I know I dream of green at night

 Only to wake up to red and grey

But I know I made the bread

That will keep me surviving for a month or a day


Alli Warren Translates Five Books into Poems

 I rewrite books in my language, poetry. I read then I write then I read what I wrote. The books can be read in a way you have never known before. I read to know my history, my anatomy, and my economy. I write to live and to educate you just like I’ve been educated. I read to be enlightened, to connect the dots. You can connect the stars in the sky too, you don’t have to read to do that. “The winner writes the history”; that’s what they say, but you can read and judge if it really happened this way. The way they say it happened; the way you were taught, that’s why I tell you to read, that’s why I’m a poet. You must read to sing the truth, or it will never be a song. I write my songs of the roots and not the surface fruits; because if the root is bad, you don’t eat the fruit. I search the history for myself; at least I want to know. So read the books and search them for biased racist thoughts.