November 15,2020 1:45pm 

Jarolyn: Hey Chuchis, guess what ? 

Maria: Tell me , I’m not good at guessing with u

Jarolyn : jajajajaja, why u like that

Maria: You know I’m right ,

Jarolyn: I’m moving back to NY 

Maria: OMG are u serious ? 

Jarolyn: Yes, I’m just waiting for my mom to come from Dominican Republic this week and we’re gonna start packing everything. I found a really cute home. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment. My other brother is going to move with us too. So hopefully at the end of  December Moving. 

Maria: omg I’m so excited!! What about your job ? 

Jarolyn: oh , I asked my manager for a transfer and she accepted. I’m so happy that I’m going back to NY. 

Maria: Me too Chuchis , I can’t wait…… 

November 24, 2020 9:45 am 

Lorena: Hi Marilu, how are you doing?

Maria: Lore, I’m doing okay, a lot of work and HW. and what about u ?

Lorena:  Same, very tired and exhausted …. I’ve been working the whole week plus taking online classes and doing HW. 

Maria: Yeah, I know…. Can’t wait for this semester to be over is not the same as being in person. 

Lorena: Yeah… What are you going to do for Thanksgiving? 

Maria: I don’t know yet, are u planning  something? 

Lorena: Yes, why don’t you come to Connecticut ? since we have a few weeks without seeing each other, I miss u!!!   

Maria: I miss u too! Great idea. I’ll see if I can go Wednesday and come back on Saturday since I have off until Monday. I’ll tell Keily if she want to come also

Lorena: Great!!! I’ll see you then… Love u 

November 24, 2020 1:03pm 

Maria: Hola…. Do you want to come to Lorena’s house for thanksgiving ?

Keilyn: I don’t think I can go… I have to work until 3 and since she leaves that far I guess u leaving early
Maria: Actually I’m leaving on wednesday 

Keilyn: U see.. I can’t…. When are u coming back ? because I don’t work until sunday morning

Maria: I was planning to return on saturday… So why don’t you meet us on friday ? 

Keilyn: Yeah, I’ll try to do that. 

Maria: Okay, Let me know.