Family Chat

Richard (Brother)


Richard: Going Swap the Bose and put a different surround sound upstairs

Mom: You buying one?

Richard: No, I have a big one downstair. Swap it

Richard: Just need one Speaker

Mom: How many that one has?

Mom: May not have place for too many speakers.

Richard: 6

Richard: attach to wall

Mom: No that will look Ugly

Robert: Not my idea Hahaha


Robert and Prince (Close Friend/Co-Worker)

Robert: Yo Whats up, when you coming back to work

Prince: Never. It’s much better here

Robert: [screenshot: Basic Allowance for Housing], I see why.

Prince: yep, tax free money

Robert: 3126. That’s crazy.

Prince: It’s fair enough

Prince: You’d be a E3 in less than a year

Robert: Yeah, I’m trying to build up time, so I can burn it out when I leave

Robert: At least Kathy on board now.

Robert: Just trying to find out about her leave of absent to watch the baby

Prince: Yep, it’s worth it man. I don’t have to be in that damm place.

Robert (Myself) and Richard (brother)

Robert: [send article: ‘Boeing 737 Max Cleared to Fly’}

Richard: No wonder they went up

Richard: Own aircraft

Robert: What you mean? They manufacture airplanes.

Richard: I thought only parts

Richard: They are like American Airlines Now?

Robert: Na. They make aircrafts and program the planes. Boeing sell airplanes to American Airline, Delta and other airlines.

Richard: Ohhh got it

Richard: I bought them at a good price too

Robert: I know, I’m making a killing now. I used the drop in March to lower my average.