Dialogue 1


Me: Alohaaaa

Daniela: what are you up to?

Me: nothing, I’m just watching Grey’s Anatomy

Daniela: still!?!?!?

Me: Hellooooo? We are talking about 16 season.

Daniela: Nah, you are too slow!

Me: omg, you are so annoying, byeeeee

DanielaHAHAHAHA noooo, did you finish Lab’s hw?

Me: no, why?

Daniela: I’m stuck in part 3

Me: I’ll finish it tonight. If anything I’ll let you know. Maybe we can finish it together 

Daniela: Okay but dont forget it please, thank you.

Me: um-hum 

Dialogue 2

Erika: Hola

ME: Hellooooooooo

Erika: You want to go eat?

Me: When?

Erika: This Friday, after we both get out of work

Me: of courseeee, you know I’m always down

Erika: i know, that’s why i texted you. LOL

Me: where do you want to go?

Erika: I dont know, I kind of want Mexican food

Me: I know this place that makes the best burritos, I went with Ashley about a month ago.

Erika: Where is it?

Me: not too far away from us. LOL

Erika: where?

Me: I’m not going to tell you. See you Friday!!!

Erika: bye 

Dialogue 3

Jackson: hey, what are you doing on Sunday?

Me: I’m going to the mall with Geris, why?

Jackson: Nothing, I just wanted to see your ugly face.

Me: lets face time then. 

Jackson: HA HA HA very funny

Me: you said you were going to visit me the last time i went to your house, why dont you talk to tia (aunt) and come to my house on Saturday

Jackson: Sunday’s the only day I have off.

Me: come on Sunday and we can go out to eat or something.

Jackson: can’t promise anything 

Me: then why are you asking what I’m doing on Sunday?

Jackson: umm I guess i just wanted to know

Me: bye Jackson. 

Jackson: HAHAHA love ya too!