This happened 2 months ago when I went on a school project trip to a mosque in brooklyn.

It wasn’t too crowded, due to the covd 19 everyone was socially distancing, the ambiance was very calm because many people lost friends,family or neighbors during this difficult time.

Very curious, looking and listening to everything , I overheard a conversation between 2 worshipers.

The 2 men were discussing the convid 19, it was a very interesting conversation and I couldn’t help, I listened for at least a good minute.

Men A:

Do you believe in the corona propaganda?

Men B

What do you mean by “corona propaganda”?


Come on, stop acting like you don’t know, this is a plot from the government

The government? People are doing and you want to talk about the government?


We all know the truth but everyone is scared to speak up


From what i know it a virus who accidentally came out of a lab in China


This is what they want you to believe, it’s an American made visus, it is part of the depopulation program just like cancer or malaria they don’t want to cure.


I don’t think so because this pandemic can destroy the US economy.

Only 1 infected person under a  ventilator treatment cost more than $30000, why that?


That is my point, big manufacturer and assurance companies will make billions and the average taxpayer will pay for it. It is all part of their plan,just like september 11 attacks.


I think it is time to pray and we have to hurry.

At that moment , I composed myself like I wasn’t listening to their conversation and moved away,it was very interesting and surprising to hear this.