Awa is a young and beautiful  girl from West Africa Mali, she was so beautiful that people used to refer to her as “mami-wata” (siren), an imaginary human half human and half fish with an extraordinary beauty .

At age 7 ,Awa was the star of the neighborhood ,with her beautiful smile,respect and kindness,all the other girls of her age wanted to be friends with her.

Unfortunately,when Awa was 8 years old, she got sick with poliomyelitis and lost her ability to work.She got better but remained in a wheelchair, Awa wasn’t able to work again, parallelized with both legs, everyone was sad for her.

From the very happy young girl, she became depressed, wasn’t talking to people again, dropped out of school, her family had to force her to eat or even interact with her brothers and sisters. It was very sad to see this young angel fading away from life just like that.

After one long year of living her new life, adapting to the wheelchair, getting used to the look and comments of curious people, one day Awa was playing with her dolls in the back yard,a big commercial airplane fly in a very low attitude over the house, making a very big noise and it was flying so low that the plane was looks much bigger than what it is, like it was going to crash over the houses, Awa got so scared that without knowing, she stood up and ran.

She ran so fast that no one could believe what they were seeing, she went straight to her mother’s bedroom with tears in her eyes, shaking, Awa taught that the plane was falling from the sky. She did not realize that she wasn’t able to walk.

Miraculously, since that day,Awa was able to walk again,not 100% but her right leg got his motions back.

Awa lived her life very happy after that , she is now married and a mother of three.