So to start off, I would like to be honest and say that poems are not my thing. My mother used to read poems to me and share the poems she wrote and all I would say “Ooo that’s nice” or “Nice.” To me poems were just nice words put together, having a rhyme here and there or none at all. Sometimes the poem clearly shows what it is about and other times there are messages hidden that you just have to dig for. I think thats the beauty or poetry. You never know what your gonna get and once you get it, you can interpret it differently than others. In high school I started to write more poems because of the assignments they had. It was difficult but I tried by best and thats what happened here

Research, essays and even short stories are my strong suit. It is were I feel more comfortably in terms of my writing skills. This assignment pushed me to show a message in my poems with just using a few words. I can not explain how many times I had to press that delete button because I was starting to write too much, like an essay. Despite the difficulty I have in writing poems, I am pleased with what I have came up with.