“Underneath the Beauty”

It’s five in the morning, 

time to rise.

Stares at herself in the mirror,

then into the makeup she dives. 

Two hours have passed, 

and she believes she no longer looks rough.

She starts to hesitantly walk away,

but decides to look back incase it isn’t enough. 

Satisfied with her makeup,

she proudly begins to walk the streets.

Men turn their heads with eyes filled of admiration,

but this does not make her feel complete.

Receiving compliments left and right,

all she can do is smile and say thank you.

Each compliment made her feel like a fraud,

but she can not show that she feels blue.

Finally home in her safe space,

her eyes meet the mirror as she grabs the wet cloth.

She begins to remove every layer on her skin,

each wipe making her feel lost. 

She wipes away the over-lined red lips,

revealing the lips she believes to be to thin.

She wipes again and she starts to feel lighter,

as each wipe shows the true nature of her skin.

Dark circles are now being seen,

created by the nights filled with cries.

She takes another wipe and removes the eyeshadow

and mascara that hid the sadness in her eyes. 

She made her way to the bed filled with pillows and sheets,

that offered her some comfort from being alone.

It’s five in the morning and it’s time to rise,

to once again begin the process that is well known.


Teaching kids at home can be a challenge,

for any moment can turn into a hassle.

In the comfort of their own home they want to have fun,

making the need for focus a battle.

“Be patient” I say to myself.

Surrounded by amazing toys and treats,

the zoom calls can never compare.

Once finished it is time to begin homework,

yet they can not sit still in their chair.

“Be patient” I say to myself.

A deep breath in,

a deep breath out. 

Asking them to please be quiet so we can all breath,

and suddenly out goes all the doubt.

“Be patient” I say to myself. 

A clear understand of what needs to be done,

everyone is now at ease.

We have finally finished our work,

everyone is at peace. 

Patience is something to have,

as it is a skill that brings out the best.

A smile, hug and laugh from those girls

yea, that is definitely time that is worth to invest.