Beautiful lies

I remember a time when everything was not so black and white,

People know when to help each other ,

Or when to turn a blind eye.

It seems just like yesterday my brother and I were playing in the streets,

With no care in the world but just two kids wanting to feel free. 

We used to ride our bikes by the park, just so we could see other kids play 

And race back home before the streets light come on. 

Those days used to be fun before the streets became overrun by bullets and guns.

No more peace, no more fun,

All you see on the tv is violence and cries 

Of mothers losing their firstborn child.

Just like George Floyd who was taken by the gun, 

Without changes, next week it’s going to be someone else son.

Politicians come on TV to sing the same song 

Of peace and unity, but what about the guns?

Sad to admit but we must get with the time,

And accept that everything they tell us is a beautiful lie. 

For my eyes only 

I don’t need you to tell me I am beautiful 

I am the child of a queen!

My mother is my hero, 

A brave woman, and everything in between. 

Hollywood tells us we need to be tall to be beautiful 

Victoria Secret says we need to be skinny

But the most hurtful of them all, 

Are the sisters who tell me I need a perm because my afro is too tall. 

My mama always told be beauty comes from within 

It’s not about what society says, but how you feel about yourself .

The type of beauty that the media portray,

Is not of your average everyday women who has a busy work day,

And those who woke up and walk around with their natural skin.

To all my beautiful queens who were told that you are not beautiful, 

Because you are too short

Too fat

Too tall

Or too thin

Just remember, we are all queens with something extra in between. 

The rocky road 

I will not bow down or bow out, 

I will stand and fight .

My dream is to be successful

And I am willing to do it right.

Don’t tell me it’s impossible 

Or that I should try something else 

Because one thing I hate most in this life 

Is someone who quits because of what someone else said.

I am no trust fund baby 

Or neither was I born fortunate. 

I was raised in the hood 

By my aunt who taught me the value of my own strength.

I know it won’t be easy, but I have faith, 

That with hard work and perseverance I will prevail!

And so, what if I fail?

I’ll just get back up and brush off the dust. 

And because we know the road to success is rocky, 

All we need to do is wear comfortable shoes and push through. 

Goodbye summer breeze

I sat at my window and watch the leaves fall to the ground 

Fall is in the air and the evidence is all around. 

The ducks are leaving the pond close by,

I look in the trees and the birds are nowhere in sight.

Squirrels are running around gathering nuts,

And that’s a sure sign that fall is going to be rough.

I already miss the buzzing of the bees,

The chirping of the birds, 

kids playing in the street,

And that hot August summer breeze. 

Oh, how I wish the summer would stay 

Instead of these cold awful winter days

When I have to wear a coat all-day

And drink hot cocoa to stay warm. 

As I sat there in my window watching the season change in front of me, 

I just wish I could hold on to those beautiful summer days a bit longer.