Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Nickay Green, POV story

Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn is Mike’s least favorite event of the year. During this time, thousands of people from all over the country gather on the parkway to celebrate Labor Day by dancing and marching up and down the parkway, some dress in customs, and some not.

The Labor Day event starts with a Juve night carnival celebration starting the night before labor day and continues all day labor day until late evening. Because of the large crowd that shows up for the event, the streets are closed off and NYPD officers are scattered all over the streets directing traffic and maintaining law and order among the crowd.

Juve night is every police officer’s nightmare. The crowd can get wild after people start drinking which most times result in fighting and on occasions people end up dead. Because it is nighttime, police are at a disadvantage and have to work extra hard to eliminate as many casualties as possible.
The first-year mark work during the Labor Day Parade he spends most of his time directing traffic and putting up barricades. Unfortunately for Mike, this time around he is working Juve night instead.

Tonight mark was ready. He knows what the night holds and he was ready for the challenge. Standing on the corner of Grand Army Plaza dress in a navy blue uniform, combat gears in his hand, Mike was ready for whatever challenges the night would bring him.

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  1. Robert Rampersaud

    Good evening Nickay,
    From your passage I did not know if it was picture A or Picture C right away. When you mention the officers were “directing traffic”, I was leaning towards the picture of a people standing on the street with what looks like a traffic vest on. However, my outcome changed when you mention “standing on the corner of Grand Army Plaza in navy blue inform, combat gears in his hand” confirm it is Picture A.

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