Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Luz Mery Felipe, POV story

It was a cold  night of January of 2018 when Nate was on his way home after a long shift at the restaurant he works. The town was going crazy and there were people out everywhere protesting because a police officer had accidentally killed a woman. Nate was in favor of the protest but he didn’t like the fact that people were using that as an excuse to break in private properties and steal. Since he was on the phone with his girlfriend he did not see when a bunch of guys were coming his way to break in a grocery store. When he saw what they were doing he started yelling  so that they could stop but none of them payed attention to him, therefore he decided to continue his way home  but the next thing he saw was the area surrounded by police officers and one of them was staring at him with his baton and riot shield, he had never been in jail before but for the way the officer was looking at him he knew he was in trouble. Three hours later, his parents were heading to the town’s police station to get their son out of jail because when Nate tried to tell the officer that he was not part of the robbery, the guy hit him with the baton.

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  1. Angelica Salazar

    Based on the description that was given of the officer , and getting closer to Nate i would say the story is based on picture A.

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