Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Leviza Murtazayeva, POV Story

Jonas and Julie have been together for three years now, a very average couple, they would go on dates, adventures, parties, family gatherings and etc. Their intentions are very serious to each other, Jonas is even considering to make the next move anytime soon. Julie is a babysitter, she believes this job category or position is a best fit as she has a severe anxiety disorder, but sitting with children was the best decision she has made. Jonas is a very caring man, he recognizes her condition very well, and tries his best to support his woman, Julie.

On a Saturday evening, it was late September, still warm but the night starts sooner, Jonas picks Julie up from her six story apartment building in Downtown Brooklyn, where she rents out an apartment with her parents. Jonas decides to walk with her this evening, rather a routinely car ride and takes her out to eat under the Brooklyn bridge. The couple walks to their destination. They arrive to the outdoor sitting of a sweet little café , and take a seat. Suddenly, the couple witnesses a bank robbery next door to the café they were at. Every costumer begins to panic. As well as the couple, especially Julie. As they see that the robbers have a weapon, Jonas catches Julie’s hand and runs to safe road. He notices that she begins to become weak and shaky, he lays her on the floor so she can calm down and whispers to her ear and kisses her, letting her know, that he will always protect her.

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  1. Saja Musa

    Leviza, great response. I believe that your story is about picture B because that is the only picture that involves a romantic relationship between a couple. The last part of the story reveals its picture B because of the kiss between the couple, which is portrayed in the picture.

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