“We want to thank you for coming to this very beautiful, peaceful protest. We could not have done any of this without you guys and remember we need to keep screaming because we need to have our voices heard now!” Jerrica heard all the clapping and cheering, it had been a very successful day of protesting for Black Lives Matter. Another one for the books she had thought. She turned to her left and see Jamie smiling and pounding two pots he brought along to make noise. On her right was Kendra, who was cheering her chest off. Two of her closest friends who had shared such an intamate moment with her.

“No justice, no peace! No racist ass police! No justice, no peace! No racist ass police!” When Jerrica started to scream the chant she heard a wave of people beginning to chant with her. She didn’t think the chant would cause an outroar. She looked at Kendra and Kendra’s face looked horrified. Kendra had grabbed onto Jerrica’s face and held her into her chest. All Jerrica saw was the feet of many protestors and cops running around. She heard the cries of people in pain, She heard popping noises and the screams of cops telling people to ‘stay down’. Kendra had pulled Jerrica into the car. “Where is Jamie?!” Kendra stood quite and started driving. “Kendra we need to go back and get Jamie!” “We can’t help him now!” Jerrica said nothing, she just turned around from the passenger seat and saw the smoke arise from the smoke bombs. 

She didn’t need to be told what happened she knew. She went off to reach for her phone and took a picture of what they saw as they drove off.