A newly couple was out at a nice restaurant, and then caught a romantic movie. They were so caught up with spending time with each other that they lost track of time. As the moon shine bright, and the street light shining even brighter, they decided to take a short cut through the park into a deserted neighborhood. The couple blurred out the world talking about the wonderful night they are having, and their future goals as they enjoy each other company. In the distance you see a man emerging from the shadows, and the couple continue to blur him out. As the male gets closer within a few feet of the couple, he pulled a black handgun on the couple. The girl dropped to the ground out of fear. The gunman demanded all their jewelries and money from the couple. As the gunman grabbed the couple properties, he was startle by the police siren in the distance. The gunman dropped his gun and the couple properties, as he ran off into the shadows. The couple was relieved that the gunman fled as the girlfriend still laying down on the road shaking of-fear. The male dropped down to comfort his scared girlfriend, as they waited for help.