Writing these memoirs I’ve felt more comfortable in my writings. It’s a good mixture of easy and hard because you as the professor tell us what you expect out of our writings and allow us to do a peer review almost every week, but it’s hard because we get to choose the style and the stories I want to share with the class and with the professor. It’s hard for me because I tend to ramble a lot and it’s honestly annoying because I either share too much or I don’t share enough and miss the tiniest of things that can help fill in some of the smallest holes in my memoirs. But it’s nice to feel like I have some sort of connection with my peers through the stories they share because it’s their personal stories. And I hope I can be able to show a part of myself in my memoirs to them as well. 

When it comes to the finished product, I end up panicking a little. I start to overthinking everything I wrote. Is it too much? Do I really feel comfortable enough to share this with a group of strangers in an online class? Would this come back to haunt me as a bad writing piece? And lastly, will I get a good enough grade for this memoir I’m writing. I can’t help but think about all of this cause it’s apart of the writing process for me. It helps me finish the memoir as weird as it sounds. Overall, writing these memoirs are refreshing compared to my other classes. It’s something that allows me to write on my terms, share on my terms, and learn about my own writing skills. The creative freedom I get allows me to feel more confident in my writings for other classes and the very scary, fast coming future.