Writing a memoir was a very challenging task for me, having English as a second language , writing is always difficult for me.

Sometimes writing what you have in mind can be hard when you have to translate in different language, find the correct words and make sense it is very time consuming and challenging.

After my first writing and reading my classmates work,I get more comfortable with my own writing,I realize that making mistakes is good because you get the opportunity to correct them and also learn how to avoid those mistakes at the same time.

With also the diversity of City-tech, reading the work of other students with different background and culture is very helpful.

Taking ENG 1141 is also helping me to engage more in writing and the good think is you just write your mind and make sense.

I finish high school many years ago and I am returning back to college,writing a memoir gave me back the confidence i need and i am great-full.

The memoir a wrote on my assignment is one of my biggest life experience and this was the first time that i share with the public,I was able to do that because of the work of my classmates and i am great-full, this platform is a non judgment zone and i hope it will allow other students to open up and be free.